Paradise Technology 

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability Solutions

Paradise Technology Solutions is a Technology, Engineering Company specializing in Renewable Energy Technologies (Solar, Hydrogen, Wind, Geothermal, Hydropower, Bio-Fuels and "Green" Building Technologies); Developing National Sustainability Policies. With offices in Florida, Trinidad and Tobago and a presence in Belize and St. Lucia we are strategically poised to deliver our products and services to our maim market of emerging economies worldwide. We are unique in our ability to deliver all the main forms of Water and Energy Management Technologies for the Governmental, Industrial, Commercial and Residential Sectors.


Our team of partners specializes in Financial, Environmental and Electrical Engineering services for Governmental, Commercial and Residential projects. In addition, we also provide Resilient and Sustainable Community design and Commissioning Services. Our team has over 80 years combined experience in Design, Consulting, Engineering and Project Management for private clients, institutions, and Government Agencies.

Paradise Technology Solutions has the expertise in implementing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which are important in developing and operating solar, geo-thermal and wind assets to ensure reliable fixed-priced power for its customers and investors. Working with a set of financial structuring and capital partners, we also implement CDM funding (PDDs, PINs and Project Validation) Documents and provide Project Management services for small medium and large-scale projects.


The company's highly experienced team of Engineers, Financiers, and Project Managers are passionate about building resilient and sustainable communities with reliable sources of renewable energy while developing sustainable employment opportunities for a sustainable future.



Our Passion is about Sustainable Development - Climate Change Adaptation

& Mitigation  and the Implementation of ALL aspects of the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

                           OUR SUSTAINABILITY SOLUTIONS


* "Smart Cities" Project Project Development - Marrying Information Technology

    with Sustainable Development to create disruptive technologies and positive


*  Sustainability Action Plans Development for National, Regional and local

    Community based clients

*  Corporate Sustainability Reporting & Strategies


*  Green House Gas Emissions Mitigation and Reduction Strategies and Reporting


*  Local Regional and National Sustainable Action Plans

*  Renewable Energy Project Development (Solar & Waste-2-Energy)


*  Energy Efficiency Solutions


*  Develop scenarios for "Food Desert" Alleviation in under-served areas