Paradise Technology Solutions


The central business focus of Paradise Technology Solutions is to provide                        Humanitarian, Sustainable and Resilience solutions to Municipalities and Cities in

the United States, and the Government of emerging economies of the Caribbean,

Central America and Africa.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Paradise leverages existing contract vehicles sources product, designs systems, 

and installers and enables installation through our international network of                

contractors. We offer a complete spectrum of high quality Solar, Geo-Thermal,

Waste-to-Energy, Hydrogen and Wind solutions including utility scale, industrial, commercial applications. Solutions include cutting-edge technology installed at

the best possible value by highly skilled contractors. Complete capabilities

include (but not limited to):


    Technical Superiority - Industry leading design, with extensive PV design,

    Structural design and hurricane resistant product leadership. Expertise in

    Technology integration.


    Project Management - Uses real system data to track performance and

    effectiveness of projects including renewable power systems.


    Quality Assurance - Fully documented quality control processes using a

    highly trained onsite quality control team and integrated web based

    performance management tools.


    Environmental Engineering Experience –Successful implementations in environmental studies and development projects are part of our strengths.


    Green Building Design Experience –Success in design build projects
    completing all projects through green design as per the United States Green
    Building Association (USGBA).


    Government Negotiation Experience –Our intimate relationship with

    Governments of the Caribbean and Central America enables us to pursue

    large-scale projects in the emerging economies of the region.



Paradise consists of a group of highly accomplished and competent associates:

Mr. Kerry Babb (President/CEO);

Ms. Micheline Birkhead (Director Business Development);

Mr. Selwyn King (Director Logistics);

Mr. Haydn Blaize (Environmental Consultant);

Mr. Kenneth Mohammed (CFO).

Paradise Technology Solutions is a minority owned, Information and Security Technology, and Renewable Energy development company specializing in the

Project Development and Building Sustainable Technologies in the Caribbean.

With offices in the United States and a presence in the Caribbean and Central

America, we are strategically located to access and assist all governments of the

region with their Climate Control and Carbon Reduction aspirations. This is

familiar territory, as Paradise officials have participated in numerous Caribbean

regional development projects at the governmental level including sustainable



Paradise Technology Solutions are Project Developers and Project Managers

who take responsibility for the pre-project feasibility analysis, CDM funding                      requirements and project management documents, based on our extensive                         

experience in this arena.

The past ten years our experience in Information Technology, Security and

Sustainability projects has highlighted our position as seasoned project developers.

Over the last six years, Paradise was involved in developing Humanitarian projects   

and Sustainability projects in Florida, the Caribbean and Central American region

due to our vast experience in negotiating Municipalities and Caribbean regional governments. Therefore, we can lead project needing Government engagement,

approvals and licenses.



Kerry Babb, MBA, PMI, MS - Sustainability

Mr. Babb has been associated with several large-scale projects involving

Governments and Government Agencies in the Caribbean as a Project Manager.

Through his tenure as a consultant with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB),

Mr. Babb's experience with emerging economies at the regional and national levels enhances his ability to successfully undertake projects at that level. In addition,

his Information Technology and Project Management experience with Renewable

Energy projects in the United States and the Caribbean region will prove valuable

to project success.

Micheline Erika Birkhead, MBA, LEED-GA
Managing Director for ClearPath Strategies International

Ms. Birkhead comes with over 20 years of experience in Sustainability, Strategic               Planning, Business Development and Marketing. As a successful entrepreneur,

she provides the necessary cadre of skills to effectively develop profitable programs          within our organizations.    

Haydn Blaize, BSc - Civil Eng; MSc. - Environmental Engineer 

Mr. Blaize is backed by tremendous success with several large Environmental

projects in the wider Caribbean due to his relationship with the Caribbean

Development Bank as an Environmental Engineer. His experience with numerous              regional Environmental Studies and Civil Engineering projects and his familiarity

with the region enables us success of our projects.


Selwyn King, MA - Communications

Mr. King was engaged as a consultant with the CARICOM Secretariat and

associated with several large-scale Social and Economical projects involving the Governments of the Caribbean. Due to this, and the fact that he has lived and

worked in Belize for several years, he brings great value to all of our Caribbean

project because of his in-depth knowledge of the Social and Economic posture

of the CARICOM nations.



Kerry Babb, MBA, MS - Sustainability Management, PMI

(Director Project Development)

Mr. Babb’s technical career began as a programmer for AT&T Communications

in the USA. Over the last 29 years, he was engaged in a number of Consultancy and Information Management assignments for clients such as Salomon Brothers, First

Boston Corporation, AVIS Corporation and The Royal Bank of Trinidad and

Tobago. His responsibilities included roles as a Project Leader, Project Manager,               Statistical Analyst, Quality Assurance Engineer and Strategic Planner.                              

Mr. Babb also worked for PRT (Barbados) Consulting Group as a Senior

Consultant performing consulting assignment, which included Quality

Assurance and Project Management of large-scale international projects.

One of Mr. Babb’s high profile projects involved developing and implementing

National strategies and contingency plans for Governments in the Caribbean

Community through a consultancy with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

and the Commonwealth Secretariat. This CDB project was head-quartered in

Barbados and involved providing project financing and consultancies to

Governments and the private sector in 17 Caribbean countries from Belize,

Central America in the north to Guyana, South America in the south. Recently,

Mr. Babb was engaged in developing and implementing a Comprehensive

Security and Information Technology Strategy at a major Caribbean Credit Union.


In the Sustainable and Renewable Energy space. Mr. Babb has developed

numerous sustainable projects from the ground up to successful implementation.

He was also engaged as part of the Project Management team of many Renewable

Energy projects. He served as co-chairs to the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Council.


Micheline Erika Birkhead, MBA, LEED-GA
(Director Business Development)

Ms. Birkhead offers over 20 years of experience in Sustainability, Strategic

Planning, Business Development and Marketing. With a beginning in her

family’s commercial construction company, and as a successful entrepreneur,

she excels at using business intelligence, technology and sustainable business

strategies to improve early-stage companies, and to develop profitable programs

within established organizations. Micheline is the Managing Director for ClearPath Strategies International, a boutique consulting firm and is the Executive Director

for the Sustainable Entertainment Production Alliance. Birkhead is also an Adjunct Professor and Advisory Board member for Sustainability Programs at California

State University. Her memberships include the International Society of

Sustainability Professionals, and the Association of Environmental Professionals.

She is certified as a LEED—Green Associate, holds a Bachelors of Science degree,

and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

Haydn Blaize, BSc - Civil Eng; MSc. - Environmental Engineer

(Environmental Consultant)

Mr. Blaize brings a wealth of Environmental and Civil Engineering experience to

our project implementation and planning. Haydn has been in the engineering field

for over 28 years. His experience spans across the fields of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Project Engineering. Mr. Blaize is currently the

Director of the Utility Inspection, Civil and Environmental Engineering Division

at an Atlanta Georgia-based Environmental company and consultant to Paradise Technology Solutions. Mr. Blaize is a highly effective and respected Environmental

& Civil Engineer with recognized competence in the management of water supply, sewerage and infrastructure systems and the implementation, of complex water

supply, infrastructure and environmental projects. He is also experienced in the

planning, organizing and in supervising the work of engineers, technicians and

support staff. Mr. Blaize prior engagement as the Deputy Director of Water Services

for Fulton County Government, where he was responsible for policy direction, development and operation of water and wastewater infrastructure for over 100,000 customers and managed in house staff of 140 and contractors in the maintenance

of over 4000 miles of pipelines and related appurtenances. Mr. Blaize was also the Environment Engineer Consultant for the Caribbean Development Bank in charge

of a vast Caribbean territory. Here he was responsible for policy implementation,               planning, development and operation of all infrastructure development for any new       

civil and environmental engineering projects within the 15 member states of



Selwyn King, MA Communications,

(Director Logistics)

Mr. King is a results-oriented Media and Communications Specialist with proven

success in developing and implementing a broad range of very innovative solutions

in direct support of the CARICOM secretariat and CARDI. As a communications professional with more than 18 years experience at national, regional and

international arena, Selwyn served as Chief Information Officer for the Government         

of Belize, Public Relations Attaché to CARICOM Secretary-General H. E. Edwin Carrington, and as Communications Executive for International Swiss & German

NGO. He has gained experiential knowledge of the CARICOM Region, Regional

and International Organizations, and comprehensive experience in Corporate Communications, Diplomacy, and Negotiations. He brings his knowledge of the

region and his negotiation skills.


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