Paradise Technology Solutions

Paradise Technology Solutions is a truly unique organization.

A truly Resilient, Green and Sustainable planning and development company

that was formed to ensure that the Climate Control Initiatives and Technologies

reach the emerging economies of the Caribbean, Latin America and Africa.  

We will lead these countries to the answers to global warming and release the

strangle hold foreign oil has on their emerging economies. Our strong aim is also

to deliver sustainable jobs, social awareness,  and innovative technologies to the

countries we deliver our products and services.

We and our strategic partners have access to the most amazing and innovative

products that will do just what is needed to solve all of the above-mentioned


If you see the letters PARADISE on a proposal you can be sure of one thing

- it is safe, clean and good for our planet.

Our mission is to help clean up our environment, solve our fuel needs, and

employ the unemployed citizens of developing countries.

Our commitment to excellence is not only geared to Nations and Governments

but also to businesses and individuals. Where assist wherever we are needed.

Our Passion is about Sustainable Development - Climate Change Adaptation

& Mitigation  and the Implementation of ALL aspects of the United Nations

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


* "Smart Cities" Project Project Development - Marrying Information Technology

    with Sustainable Development to create disruptive technologies and positive


*  Sustainability Action Plans Development on a National, Regional and local

    Community levels for Sustainable Economic and Social Development

    including Resilience to Climate Change.


*  Green House Gas Emissions Mitigation and Reduction


*  Local Regional and National Sustainable Action Plans


*  Project Management collaborate on numerous project of various scales


*  Renewable Energy Project Development (Solar & Waste-2-Energy)


*  Energy Efficiency Consultants


*  Develop and Deploy Entrepreneurial and Leadership Programs


*  Develop scenarios for "Food Desert" Alleviation in under-served areas


*  International Information and Communication Technology Consultant


*  Call Center Development


*  Physical and Corporate Information Security Consultant